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At Youth in Romsey, we can help you search for jobs, apprenticeships or volunteering. We can also help with applying for the vacancy – whether it’s by creating a CV, writing a covering letter or coming up with different ways of selling yourself. YiR can also help with all of the different aspects of the interview process and can help with college or universities applications.

We can also arrange for you to carry out some volunteering, which looks fantastic on your CV and helps you learn new skills.

Below are just a few opportunities available within the Romsey/Southampton area:

Title Office receptionist
Categories Apprenticeships
Salary £3.70 an hour for the first year
Location Spitfire Garage, Southampton
Job Information

After the first year, the salary is £5.90 for 18-20 year olds, £7.38 for 21-24 year olds and £7.83 for over 25s.
Some qualities they are looking for include being enthusiastic, willing and a team worker.
Apply on the company site.

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